About Us

We recognized the need for top-quality transportation solutions in the area and thought we would bring our expertise to Houston and the surrounding area.

Bringing Value To You

Our years of experience have given us insight into all the challenges and pain points of truck rentals and Fleet Management. We bring the value of on-the-ground lessons learned along with cutting-edge innovation to help you optimize your fleet. We welcome your logistical nightmares, impossible schedules, and elusive dreams. Business or pleasure, large or small, long-term, or short-term, we have the vehicles to meet your transportation needs.

Quality & Integrity

Our pledge to continuous improvement and high standards is demonstrated in our ISO certification (certified since 2001). Our commitment to quality service is nationally recognized; we are members of Avetta, ISNetworld, and COMPLYWORKS.

Health and Safety

Safety has always been our top priority and is ingrained in our corporate culture. Our recently obtained Certificate of Recognition (COR) status confirms that we:

  • Have a robust health and safety system
  • Provided health and safety training and services
  • Identifies hazards and hazard controls as an ongoing process
  • Implements good health and safety practices
  • Participate in ongoing audits to continuously improve the program

Environmental Initiatives

The environmental impact of our products and services has always been front and center in our business practices. We have a green workspace initiative that includes a recycling program for paper, cardboard, and various containers. Where possible, our locations use biodegradable products, energy-efficient lighting, photocell, and motion control sensors for lighting, and low-flow water fixtures. We are committed to keeping green space initiatives at the forefront of everything that we do.

The TDF Fleet is comprised of current model year and prior year vehicles that follow a rigorous regular maintenance schedule. This ensures that our Fleet runs at peak performance with the lowest vehicle emissions. In addition, we offer flex-fuel vehicles and other fuel-efficient vehicle alternatives, such as hybrids. We are in the process of expanding and adding to our electrically driven fleet as manufacturers introduce new and improved work vehicles to support the 2030 global goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.