Complete Fleet Solutions

As your local fleet solutions provider with a wide reach, TDF Fleet is here to make your vehicle rental and fleet management experience simple and hassle-free. We combine work-ready inventory with personalized service to help fill and manage your fleet with ease.

Your Local Experts with a Long History in Transportation

TDF Fleet is a division of The Driving Force Group of Companies: a network of world-class fleet solution companies that dates back to 1978. From a rented office atop a rural service station, The Driving Force Group of Companies now operates across the United States and Canada. We leverage our widespread coverage and decades of adaptive experience in nearly every industry to meet the unique needs of every customer we serve.

Fueled by Core Values

Integrity, respect, commitment and passion are not just words; they’re a self-guiding system that’s core to who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going. That means helping our customers, our employees and our communities grow and thrive—no shortcuts.

A Leadership Team that Drives Success

Our dedicated leadership team applies their passion and expertise to steer our operations and your business to success. Experienced pros, they understand the ebbs and flows of the transportation industry and are here to offer straightforward solutions and unmatched service that save you time and money.